When the time comes for you to make a change, to grow, to do your life in a different way, the universe will make you so uncomfortable, so unhappy, you will eventually have no choice. If you insist on staying in a place you no longer belong in, if you do not grow the courage to do what is necessary to propel yourself forward, you will suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.
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I didn’t know what else to do, so I found some swings.

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I know I love you
 and you love the sea.

I know I love you
and you love the sea.

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.”The IT Crowd”, Season 1, Episode 3 - “Fifty-Fifty”

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don’t you wanna come with me?
don’t you wanna feel my bones on your bones?

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The Dark Knight - July 18th, 2008 - 6th Anniversary

Still perfect.

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Sometimes Lionel Richie gets stuck in your head for days.

Adam Pally dancing to this this song in The Mindy Project is still my favourite thing.

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